Yandex presented his version of Bitcoin’s history

Based on analyzing search queries and other statistical information, Yandex presented his version of the history of Bitcoin’s development and changes in the interest in it over time.

Analysts of the company noted who in the last couple of weeks due to the collapse of the BTC course in the days of overcoming psychological marks, the number of requests-related requests sharply prompted for the first time in the last 10 months. The given graph shows the direct dependence of the attention of users from the price of a virtual currency, as well as the fact that interest falls even faster than the cost.

In addition to the course, the number of requests influenced loud news, such Hardfork Bitcoin, the legalization of Belarus with cryptocurrent, the deficit of video cards and the like. It is also noted that most interested in a digital coin rate and its description.

Over time, the orientation of phrases changed, if in the spring of 2017, most often asked in principle about the relevance of earnings on virtual currency, cranes, wallets, stock exchanges, then by the summer, mining, farm, fork, ban began to prevail in queries. From 2018, he passed to specifics, asking about futures, causes of collapse, forecasts, terminals.

The greatest interest was observed in December 2017, and the most sharp jump (three-time) occurred on August 13, when the rate of BTC exceeded $ 4 thousand. The first request with the word Bitcoin in Yandex was recorded in 2009, when only a group of cryptographs and leaders knew about him IT specialists. Full version reports available by

In detail about the causes of the November collapse and the prospects for further growth, you can learn from