Why was the crypton in the 2018 shake?

Most likely, you faced the opinion that the «shock therapy», which the crypto industry has experienced in 2018, was not only necessary, but also useful for the long-term success of the developing industry. The harsh bear market turned out to be the best incentive for many startups and companies associated with the blockchain. The collapse of the crypton worked the projects that during the period of last year’s rush bathed in money, to come to themselves and start working hard to survive.

The outgoing year has become an anxious signal that awakened the crypton from last year’s stir, when dubious characters managed to collect $ 30 million, having only an idea, WP and website. Return to reality led to an understanding that Fiat continues to lead the parade, investors want to make a profit, and governments could easily establish rules that disagree all wishing to invest in this sphere.

Although, in contrast to the financial market, government measures for salvation are not provided here, but ironically, punishment and recovery

Recently, we also began to mention the word decentralization, without giving the values of its power and potential consequences for the future of the world. Many just forgot

Despite the fact that 2017 has brought the cryptoms of real popularity, the truth is that the excitement of such scales was absolutely not justified. However, we are not talking about Bitcoin, which has grown as a result of the market rings of bulls. He

What was really unjustified, so this is the hardness of ICO, which is incredibly inflated. It caused

Many developers simply could not abandon the temptation of an ambulance hand to make White Paper, to challenge an attractive website abounding fashion words to quickly earn its own million, or even one. Events in the ICO market unfold so rapidly and tensely that the regulators simply did not even give the opportunity to learn the features of the process of creating a new class of assets.

This led to the fact that many countries banned uncontrolled primary accommodation, and some and any cryptocurrency in principle, swinging all of them as risky and fraud-related tools that threaten the financial stability of the economy and citizens. Many investors themselves were also rapidly disappointed in useless products, which in most cases «changed the world» only for their developers.

The cost of altkoinov has now become almost irrelevant. 2018 made with them the same thing as time with CDs. Nevertheless, thousands of leading cryptographs, engineers and developers actively create the infrastructure necessary for a decentralized network, which many call Web 3.0.

2019, will definitely be interesting, and quite much put on the map. Billions of dollars are still invested in R & D and projects related to the blockchain, this is not only Bitcoin. Rivalry goes for global adoption. What protocol will be the following IPv4, HTTP, SMTP, will it be one and who will launch a new Facebook analog on the blockchain? Will any one platform become an explicit leader or competition will provoke rapid development, and what cryptocurrencies will be viable, successfully survived the crisis?

At the moment, the infrastructure of most promising projects is practically not improved and is not tested, which leads to the formation of a group of leaders and their separators. Therefore, even the largest representatives of Cryptoinductrine recalled the indicators of profitability and launched large-scale reorganization, reducing entire units (https://bitcryptonews.ru/news/startups/bitmain-uvolit-50-sotrudnikov) and focusing on the most promising and necessary directions.

At the same time, there is a rapid distance from the speculative market. All investors began to carry out a comprehensive check before investing. Although scam projects continue to transfer to the market, but according to LUNAR DIGITAL ASSETS, now financing is only about 1% of the total number of start-up startups.

The 2018 crisis actually poisoned the soil for the growth of fraudulent schemes, forcing the company to start hard to work to continue their existence. In such conditions of natural selection, only the strongest will be able to survive, those who in the future with pride will be able to declare that they really deserve success.

Blockchain projects can not be estimated the same as traditional companies. Bitcoin began as an ideological movement supported by a small group of cryptographs. Until now, the only most important factor in the project survival is its community forming a network, value and liquidity.


At the same time, the market is still in the era of CDs and most of it is free. It is possible that after stabilization and return to normal rhythm, we will see much more interesting projects that will not allow to doubt their values.

In 2019, we learn what kind of talented teams, which technologies are scalable and plastic, and what ideas are really suitable for real use. Analysts also