What Maja on video cards in 2019?

In 2018.

Protection against Asians has become one of the most important tasks for cryptocurrency developers. Responsive programmers realized that winning the war from Bitmain and Innosilicon engineers can only be able to constantly change the coding algorithms or a programmatic method to reduce the performance of the performance of prosics and video cards. It is inconvenient to carry out forces every 6 months due to the need to update the software and a number of other problems. The most optimal solution was found developers of the Progpow algorithm, which leveled the essential advantages of ASIC mining in Ethash, Scrypt, X11, X16R, Equihash and Cryptonight algorithms.

In fact, it means that the use of the Progpow application will lead to the fact that the specialized device will calculate the hashy only 1.2 times faster than the GPU. The fact that the introduction of ProgramMatic Proof of Work is important in the softforward, bypassing the unpleasant Hardforka procedure.

The first cryptocurrency with Progpow became Bitcoin Interest. Maja cryptocurrency BCI video card is most profitable on the green. For comparison, GTX 1070 per day brings as many as $ 0.32, while RX 570 digs only $ 0.11. For owners NVIDIA Bitcoin Interest is the best option for anti-crisis mining.

Nicehash service users do not worry about the fact that Maja in 2019. Nicehash automatically switches the video card to the most profit cryptocurrencies. The proof of this fact is the profitability rating of mining on the Whattomine website. In addition, Nicehash is a better option for bitcoin production on video cards, since instantly translates the mined altcoins in BTC. Now consider promising coins that can not be called «one-day».

Bitcoin Gold is one of those coins that have implemented software protection against pros. This event happened in July with the transition to Equihash 144.5. On the GTX 1070 video card, the income from the mining BTG is $ 0.21 per day when Hesray is a single device 40 SOL / S.

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Like the Golden Bitcoin, Monero is still

The XMR mining cannot be called super-profile — on the RX 570 will turn out to be accumulated only $ 12.12 per day. Despite the small yield, many experienced miners advise this cryptocurracy. It is better to produce a coin from the top 20 than one-day shields.

This cryptocurrency has an advantage in the struggle for the attention of miners — they are attracted by the absence of the Ubqhash algorithm on Nicehash. This means that UBQ does not threaten a decrease in yield due to automatic miners switching with Nicehash on Ubqhash. UBQ mining gives $ 0.14 on RX 570.

The best coin for mining on video cards remains a choice # 1, despite the output of the Acids under ETHASH, constant transfer of updates and the absence of asylosility. Even with a minimum course of ether for 2018, mining calculators were issued by the Biderina Vitalyn coin in the first five in profitability. The fall in the total hatchet network began in August, as a result of which the devices of the total capacity of 124 th / s turned off and the remaining miners got a fresh breath of air.

Most of all was lucky to owners of GTX 1060 with a memory capacity of 3 GB. The Ethereum Dag file has become too large for this volume of RAM and the GTX 1060 owners, you must go to Linux or HiveOS. These operating systems do not require many video memory for their needs. However, Hiveos will be able to extend the mining on these video cards only until March 2019 — then the DAG file will occupy all 3 GB.

At the time of writing the article, income from Mineland Ether on the RX 570 video card is $ 0.24, GTX 1070 — $ 0.27. It is necessary to mention a decrease in the award for the found block in January, which will also negatively affect the profitability of Mineland Ether in 2019.

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Next year there are reasons not only to continue to successfully produce cryptocurrencies, but also