What is waiting for the cryptocurrency market in 2019: expert predictions

After last year’s hype, 2018 returned Crypto Industry from the carefree oblivion to the real world. This process was held hard, led to the collapse of the market, the loss of funds and interest of investors, the reorganization of many projects. At the same time, product development was activated, the blockchain received support for governments, many incompetent participants left the market. However, what awaits the crypton in 2019, how will the Bitcoin course change and what coins are the most promising? BitCryptonews told the leading Russian experts.

Vice-President for promoting the security technologies of the Russian Association cryptocurrency and blockchain Alexander Brazhnikov

Also, the fall occurs in the oil market — since September, the price of the Brent brand has lost more than 42%. Against this background, two tendencies are observed: a legitarious growth of gold and the restoration of the cryptocurrency market, which began in mid-December.

Despite the fact that the launch of Bakkt, which will allow institutional investors to invest in cryptocurrency, without fear of security and legal transparency of deposits, once again be postponed, cannot be denyed to deny the fact that large investors who have not considered for themselves Earlier, cryptoaculation as an object for attachments, a reason for investment appears.

The collapse in traditional markets forces investors to record profits, and look for new opportunities for investment, and significantly cheaper than 2018 cryptomic seems to be a relevant platform for this.

The fall in stock and commodity sites will have a positive effect on cryptocurrency, which will not be considered as an equivalent investment tool, but as a market for opportunities, even be conjugable with high risk. Therefore, the question of regulating the crypto industry, which in the outgoing year is being worked out in different countries at the level of their governments, is currently interesting not only to the participants of the crypton, but also institutional investors, the main factor for which is the security of their investment.

According to Alexander Brazhnikov, from 2019 it can be expected to increase prices for cryptoaculations not only due to the completion of the cycle of reduction and internal factors, but also by entering the market for classical investors.

The forecast for the closest perspectives of the Bitcoin course was given

Zichain Trade Infrastructure Development Manager Danil Yakovlev

According to the expert, in the near future to wait for a serious breakthrough — growth potential is limited to a level of $ 5,000. But the effect of the recession may be much stronger, it is quite likely to observe $ 3,000 and even $ 2000.

However, paying attention to short-term forecasts does not make much sense if we are talking about the situation on the horizon for 1-3 years. Digital assets I.

The market will sooner or later reaches its maturity, and the industry will continue stable and progressive development. With long-term investment, the current levels of the price of Bitcoin can be perceived as one of the most suitable for the entrance, because the cryptocurrency bubble has completely blown away, and the potential of technology remains still huge.

Next year, the most promising expert considers several virtual currencies:

CEO CRYPTO-A Alena Narignani

The new round of market development should be expected after some virtual currencies will be considered securities, which will make them available to retailers and create a rich selection of investment tools. This can cause a real gold fever. It is assumed that STO over time will completely replace ICO.

All these factors say that next year, cryptocurrency trade will remain profitable even if their value will continue to decline that the market will somewind somewhat and allow a number of companies to multiply their capital.

Investing in Bitcoin and Ethyurium, Ripl, Monero and Bitcoin Cash will not lose its relevance. You should also expect the emergence and rapid development of a number of new virtual currencies. For

Alexander Lozbenya, Financial Technology Expert, Director and Co-Founder of Cryptocode, Cryptomat, Interhash, Minerboard

In general, it is rather obvious that cryptocurrencies are allemen and now there is a good time for shopping.

The expert expects a gradual fall of Bitcoin with small bounces, but for short-term strong jumps there are no weighty backgrounds. However, he is confident that the rate of BTC will also beat records on capitalization, and the next wave will be stronger than the previous one. In his opinion, in the long run everything will be fine, and we will see the course more than $ 100 thousand.

He considers Bitcoin and EOS by the main favorites, considering that it is necessary to be afraid that tomorrow MTS will cost $ 1000, and what he will

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