WAVES platform began maintaining smart assets and smart accounts

Waves cryptocurrency developers announced the addition of smart asset and smart account functions to the main network, which significantly expand the possibilities of controlling and controlling operations.

The smart asset is a token with a fixed script that determines the conditions for the implementation of each transaction. The user can independently install and change the validation base for each asset. Before adding to the blockchain, the embedded script checks the correspondence of the transaction with the specified conditions and in case of their non-compliance rejects its record.

The function can be used for freezing funds up to a certain point, adding addresses to black and white lists, creating payments with multipoint, managing the commission and monitoring operations. Conditions can only be added to the tokens released after the update. Initially, they can be created «clean», and then complemented by a script that can be repeatedly corrected or disabled. Such operations can only carry out the issuer.

The smart account is actually incomplete by Turing Smart Contracts and use the same approach to tokens as smart assets. They also provide for the fulfillment of pre-established conditions, but with some limitations, which, according to developers, increases reliability and avoids unwanted scenarios.

Smart accounts open up opportunities for the implementation of atomic swaps and two-factor authentication, creating accounts with multi-type and oracles of data, as well as voting and surrounding assets.

On tests of new features in the test network it took about a month. In addition to smart assets and smart accounts, other improvements, corrections have been made as a result of the update.

Innovations stimulated an increase in interest to cryptocurrency, so despite

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