Virgin Galactic appointed final tests of the Supportal aircraft VSS Unity

Virgin Galactic Plans to spend a trial launch of its VSS Unity Space Aircraft to start providing space tourism services.

The jet ship should rise to a height of more than 40 km above the ground. You will manage two pilots that will leave the atmosphere and technically will be in space, so for some time they will experience microgravitations. The presence of a second crew member is necessary for insurance to simplify flight control in non-standard conditions and in case of unforeseen circumstances. For successful launch, good weather will need.

It will be the fourth and most dangerous flight of VSS Unity in the entire history of the project. Three previous launches were carried out at much lower altitudes. Therefore, these tests are final, because they can become a moment of beginning or failure of Richard Branson’s dreams about commercial space flights, since in the process of VSS Enterprise tests, one of the pilots died, and the other was seriously injured.

The mission’s success will open the era of cosmic tourism, and will also allow the company to compete with Spacex and fight for large NASA contracts.

In addition to near-earth travel, scientists are developing innovative systems for long-range space flights. Dr. Mike McCalloh received financing of $ 1.3 million to the creation