Victor Argonov told why Pavel Durov is interested in starting Ton, even after the end of Haip

An analyst Exante Victor Arukov shared his vision of why Durov’s own cryptocurrency, even after the end of Haip, last year’s collapse of the market and loss of 90% of capitalization.

The other day, the information on the Cryptoproject of Pavel Durov Telegram Open Network last year again appeared. Passion around him was silent and, perhaps, the developers decided to remind themselves and warm up interest. True, the launch time is updated again. In the fresh «leakage» it is said about the possibility of transfer for 2-3 months.

According to Viktor Argonova, Pavel Durov probably sees the strength to turn the situation. The popularity of messenger is not the only trump card Ton. The project actually proposes a whole ecosystem with a massive database of users of telegrams, internal cryptocurrency and a whole encrypted space for sites of free subjects. At the same time, the developers promise a new virtual currency a huge speed comparable to Visa, which is an order of magnitude higher than that of Bitcoin.

Earlier, Durov already wanted to create a payment service based on «VK», but the project did not go. Now there is a more fashionable and promising direction, besides, in the reference to Telegram, which enjoys greatly popular and respect. It is likely that the Ton ecosystem will be especially popular in countries with a high level of governments to information freedoms, for example, in Iran or China.

In addition to governments, there is another force that a new project is threatened — this is miners. Ton works on the POS principle and does not allow mining on computing capacities. If the promised dizzying payrees will be reality, then the new currency can fasten traditional cryptocurrencies with the POW algorithm. Millions of miners and gigantic companies risk losing a business. This is a serious conflict of interest, it is unclear how he will be resolved.

In any case, if the promises of the developers will be fulfilled at least partially, the new system is more popular.

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