Useless gadgets that are better not to give for the new year

What can be given to the new year 2019? Souvenirs with festive symbols, photo frames, household items, cosmetics — these things will seem to many banal. Much more long-awaited gifts are modern devices whose variety can mislead. Your attention is presented with a list of useless gadgets that are better not to give for the new year.

This device is designed to absorb sound when talking on a mobile phone. On the one hand, it is really unpleasant to realize that a private conversation listens to dozens of outsiders. On the other hand, the voice mask just so wearing no one will be — it is quite impractical. When the bell occurs, it must be reached and put on, which is extremely inconvenient to do in city transport. Voice mask price — $ 170.

In the list

Such an assistant is an image of an image. He really drives himself and removes the garbage, but it does not talk about high-quality cleaning. The volume of the tank of such a vacuum cleaner is 800 ml, and the constant cleaning of the tank is already performed by the owner of the house. The robot vacuum cleaner with a bag looks no way cool. A much more useful gift for the new year in 2019 will be an ordinary vacuum cleaner with aqua filter. As a serious argument against a robot-dust collector, his program acts — to collect all the garbage. If the house has a pet, he can offer the car an unpleasant task, with which a thoughtless robot will cope and stretch everything around the apartment. The cost of the robot vacuum cleaner is $ 200.

Portable sound amplifiers cope with their task, but the sound quality does not improve. Sometimes these devices are inconvenient and bulky, which makes it difficult to use them for wired headphones. The device could not be included in the list of unnecessary gadgets, if not for the price — $ 80. With this cost it is easier to buy a smartphone with a loud sound or branded headphones. Do not forget that the permissible volume level for the ears is 40 dB.

Underwear is often included in the lists of the worst gifts for the New Year. Despite this, the underwear remains a popular choice and someone may have an idea to buy smart panties. Such a kind of underwear appeared on sale in the summer of 2018. Innovation is to transfer pressure, temperature, temperature and percentage of human fat from coward sensors to a smartphone. That’s just charging the briefs every day. According to Skiin, using smart linen you can configure the intelligent home management. Take a look at the shortcomings of such clothes:

Still, smart underwear can find use in sports tests and measurement measurements during illness, so it is impossible to call it a completely useless gadget.

If you are wondering what to give for a new year from clothes or shoes, then smart sneakers from Xiaomi will become more interesting choice.

Built in cabinet

From the usual intelligent column is distinguished by the fact that the selection of the sound is performed by the human voice commands. To do this, the microphone is built into the column and configured with a voice assistant that processes requests. Voice assistant is an artificial intelligence product. The devices have proven themselves in America and Europe, but for Russian consumers has not yet reached the support of the native language. If the user in addition does not know English well, the smart column becomes a useless and unnecessary gadget. Thus, columns from Xiaomi, Amazon and Apple can not be considered. The only column with the processing of Russian requests is called Yandex.station and costs $ 150. If not a pity 10,000 rubles, Yandex.stand can be the best gift for the new 2019 for technology lovers.

The kitchen device contains an accelerometer and signals when the user begins to eat too quickly. This useless gadget has no other functions, but costs as much as $ 115. It seems that the closet for folding clothes received a serious competitor in the nomination «The most useless device» and to overtake the plug will only be able to completely neither.

Searching for a stone that simply connects via USB to a computer, meaningless. The stone does not start glowing, move, buzz, does not transmit data and the computer does not respond to the connection. Despite the complete lack of functionality, USB PET ROCK is sold at $ 13. On this strange device, we will finish a list of bad gifts for the new year, although it can be continued in no less amazing objects.

The trend on the «smart» devices applies to all areas of activity and even brushes for teeth evolve. Only the smartphone signaling about the need to replace the nozzles with difficulty can be called a useful feature. In addition, $ 30 will pay for the device.