Updated P2P Foundation profile status on P2P FOUNDATION

For the first time in a long time, the activity of Satosha’s account was observed on the website of the Non-Profit Organization P2P FOUNDATION.

Yesterday in profile

So far, it is not known who is unknown who is made changes, since the account is tied to the old e-mail Satoshin@gmx.com, from which one of the early versions of the first cryptocurrencies in 2009 was loaded. Satoshi Dzamoto stopped active activities on the network at the end of 2010, and four years later this address was hacked.

It is also unknown and the meaning of the new status. Translated from Arabic, this word means light, fire. Another value of the abbreviation may be a description of a very smart, funny and sensitive person or who is confused and still in search of the goal of life and ways to achieve it.

The identity of the creator of Bitcoin and his mysterious disappearance in 2010 was almost a legend, no less well known than and cryptocurrency herself. However, there are still no accurate information about him, and the self-proclaimed dynamo could not prove their communion towards the development of the first virtual currency and technology blockchain.

The identity of the creator of Bitcoin is still covered with a secret, but his brainchild has long been known to the world and recently