Uber plans to create unmanned bikes and mopeds

Uber plans to develop electrical bikes and mopeds that can easily move around the city, coming to customers or in charge items.

Now the service has encountered a strong competition in this market segment from Bird and Lime, which allow customers to leave vehicles from the road outside the set points. This forces the company to hire contractors who are collected, charge and, if necessary, repair them. Payment of their services is quite expensive, which significantly reduces the profits of operators.

Therefore, Uber has created a unit of micromobile robotics and began to hire specialists who will develop automated and sensory systems to improve the efficiency and safety of electric scooters and bicycles. With the help of new technologies, the service plans to improve logistics and abandon contractors.

Due to last year’s accident involving a unmanned car Uber in Arizona, the company temporarily stopped its development, but in December received permission to continue the study of automated control systems. The operator has invested huge funds into this direction, bought at the business Jump in April to offer the rental services of electric bicycles.

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