UAE will translate public administration to the blockchain

The Government of the United Arab Emirates announced the launch of two national initiatives, with the help of which the country plans to introduce blockchas in all areas of state activities and become the world leader in the level of artificial intelligence.

The UAE introduces the technologies of AI and blockchain to the economy, medicine, education and other the most important areas of state activities. This will establish partnerships between administrations at the federal and local levels, international companies, startups to develop the most efficient and innovative solutions.

The country’s leadership has set itself the goal by 2021 to translate half of the government’s transactions to the blockchain-platform, and by 2031 to become a world leader in the level of distribution and integration of artificially intelligence.

Another initiative is to increase the technological potential of the country. It provides for the provision of scholarships and launch of educational programs of various professional levels associated with blockchain and AI. It is also planned to determine the sectors that will face loss of jobs from the integration of advanced technologies. In these areas will gradually reduce the staff in advance and organize retraining of dismissed employees, allowing them to find alternative employment options.

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