These analysts predicted Bitcoin collapse below $ 4,000 a year ago

A year ago, analysts cryptocurrency one after another gave their forecasts regarding the further prospects of Bitcoin and Altkoinov. This material provides a list of experts who, contrary to general optimistic sentiments, guess the fall of the BTC course below $ 4,000 in the December 2017 year.

The famous trader did not call the main cryptocurrency bubble and did not give shocking accurate numbers, but told about an interesting pattern. Mark conducted an analogy of the Bitcoin course with a course of silver oz 50 years ago. Then silver rose from $ 6 in 1970 to $ 50 in 1980. In 2018, Troika Once is traded at $ 15.

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The coefficients are truly similar that it partly justifies the brave forecast of the cryptocurrency courses from the Fisher brand. Dates did not coincide on an objective reason — in the era of the instantaneous distribution of information and greater opportunities for investors, all transactions occur at times faster. If you follow the coefficient of 3.3, we get the lowest BTC course for 2018 — $ 3600.

The similarity of Bitcoin and Silver turned out to be relevant. Moreover, Fisher’s theory gave the most accurate bitcoin forecast for the year, although it reminiscent of the coincidence.

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In general, the forecast of the tank was very similar to the analyst cryptocurrency from Gatman.

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Back in September 2017, the CEO of JP Morgan expressed the most negative about the cryptocurrency, admitting the most unpleasant statements. Daimon and other JP Morgan experts claimed that Bitcoin own scammers, then he forbade his employees to trade BTC and called the main coin of the bubble. In the future, he had to make

In the spring, such an analytics cryptocurrency was no longer considered pessimistic. Gradually, she turned into realism. Summer Vice-President of Rakib Andrei Grachev

In the following materials, consider the list of the largest misses of cryptoanalitics of 2018 — there will be much more. Everyone who is interested in the cryptocurrency market, we recommend a review material about the most