The week began with the growth of the cryprot.

In the cryptocurrency market, the new week began with the growth of the value of almost all coins. Against the background of a positive mood, the price of Bitcoin rose above $ 4,200, and the broadcast included in the fight for the top 2, jumper up to $ 150.

Over the past weekend, the crypts recovered after the decline of Friday and began a week with rapid growth. Overall capitalization increased by $ 8 billion, and most virtual currencies increased cost by 4-10%. In the last day, Bitcoin (

However, much more exciting events unfold slightly lower in the ranking. In just 24 hours the price of Ether (

Per day Ripl (

Recently, in his tweet, the founder of Ethereum Joseph Lubin called 2018 cryptogenic, predicting the dazzling future of the crypton in the coming year. However, the closest perspectives of stable growth may endanger

Although many governments criticize private cryptocurrency, but they themselves begin to discuss government variants of virtual money. Deputy Finance Minister Alexey Moiseev said that members of the EAEU