The student has created a wireless charging device, which can be given any form.

A student of the University of Tokyo has developed a system for wireless charging of electronic devices in the form of a flexible sheet, which can be given any shape or even cut with scissors to fit under the shape of specific surfaces and objects.

The presented prototype is capable of remotely transmit energy to gadgets. Currently, a square sheet with a side of 400 mm is capable of generating from 2 to 5 W power, which is enough to charge a smartphone or smart clock. The invention is not only thinner than other devices for wireless charging O and has a wider useful area.

This becomes possible thanks to a special electrical wiring method. The sheet can be cut without problems to the desired dimensions, as the charge generates special coils located on its surface. With sufficient quantity, the device will continue to function steadily.

The system is quite thin and has high flexibility indicators, which allows you to turn and curb it without damage. Therefore, the sheet can be placed on any surface, and even inside the bag or jacket.

Rio Takahashi, a student under the invention plans to improve the wireless system so that its power is enough to charge a small laptop and make it more «invisible.» He expects after a few years its invention will begin to embed in furniture, toys and clothing.

Researchers from Osaka University presented an equally interesting variant of flexible material to power electronic devices. Their