The solid polymer coating that prevents icing any surface was invented

Researchers have created a durable silicon polymer material, which after application is capable of repelled ice from any surface.

Oblaning causes substantial damage to the energy, aviation and production infrastructure. Therefore, quite a long time researchers are looking for a way to combat this negative factor, but scientists from the University of Houston reported substantial progress in this direction. They developed new

They applied their model to create a polymer, which at the molecular level practically does not interact with ice, and also has excellent indicators of mechanical and chemical resistance. According to inventors, their theory can be used to synthesize materials with various unique properties, for example, antibacterial.

The new material uses the localization of elastic energy at the ice joint, preventing the formation of cracks that can be formed even with the minimum effects of external factors such as wind. The polymer is designed as a spray, which allows you to apply it to any surface.

The tests have shown that in addition to good mechanical resistance, it does not destroy under the action of ultraviolet radiation and does not affect the aerodynamic characteristics of objects in the process of their movement. The coating can effectively perform its functions for 10 years without the need for re-applying.

The creation of another innovative material was informed by Canadian scientists. They developed