The most profitable stock funds Wall Street controls artificial intelligence

Exchange funds actively controlled by artificial intelligence show one of the best financial results among companies with Wall Street.

In the process of discussion at the London conference, ETF EDGE, it turned out that the automated collection systems are gradually beginning to exceed people. One example is the ETF AIEQ created on the basis of IBM Watson, which daily brings up the data on securities of 6 thousand companies and processes millions of information sources to form an optimal portfolio of 75-100 items. Only for the first half of 2019, the cost of ETF, the collected AI grew by 11%, halveing the growth rate of the S & P 500 index.

According to the leadership of the Foundation, their artificial intelligence replaces 1000 analysts, predicting the most promising options, the profit indicators of which will be higher than the average market. The algorithm is not attached to a specific sector, examines all financial indicators of companies over the past few years and carefully studies publications in social networks. The list is regularly revised, and leaders change, but in December the system has given the most preference to such companies as Alphabet, Amazon, Netflix, Costco and Baxter International.

ARKK ETF, also managed AI, specializes in the technological sector. From the beginning of 2019, he grew by 15% and maintained a positive level for the past three months, when the American stock market was experiencing not the best of times, and the S & P 500 decreased by 4%. It constitutes a portfolio out of 30 shares of companies from various sectors, which are engaged in the development of advanced technologies. In January 2019, the package includes Nanostring Technologies, Netflix and Square.

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