The most interesting novelties of the CES 2019 exhibition

Annual electronics exhibition in Las Vegas has passed and delighted innovation lovers with bright devices. Consider the most interesting innovations of CES 2019, who remember more than the rest.

The parade is starting to develop Belarusian engineers and programmers in the VR / AR area. The costume allows you to feel a virtual reality due to the system of tactile return. Now the player will be able to feel physical contact with the grass, which goes to the meadow or hit the enemy. The VR suit can be used to train firefighters in critical situations or athletes for individual training. The feeling of heat and cold has become possible due to the introduction of biometric sensors. Unfortunately, the price of the device is still unknown, as well as accurate Internet speed parameters for the use of a suit. Let us continue the list of interesting innovations CES 2019 by a device that presented even more emotions than a VR suit.

Convertoplan from Bell has become a real magnet for visitors to the exhibition. The aircraft looks very futuristic and remains concept. At an unusual air taxi 6 propellers responsible for the possibility of vertical takeoff. In addition, the device is completely electric. It is expected that testing will begin in a year. It is hard to believe in the success of a particular aircraft as a substitute for a road taxi, but Nexus Air attracted a lot of attention of visitors.

In 1981, IBM introduced the world’s first personal computer, which produced the real revolution in the world of technology. After 38 years, IBM makes available quantum calculations. The main part of the device is a chip with a capacity of 20 qubs. The qubit is called the calculation unit in the quantum computer. The difference between the bit and qubit is that the bit in one clock can store only a state of 0 or 1, and the qubit is simultaneously zero, and one. Due to this difference, the superiority of a quantum chip over the usual is achieved. IBM representatives reported that buying a quantum computer will initially be able to only the company’s partners, but the price is not known. It remains to wait for tests from the first happy owners of the new generation.

Arsenal of new laptops on CES 2019 was represented by a lot of interesting new products, among which you can select a powerful vertical ASUS Rog Mother Mother and Alienware Area 51m. The main advantage of Area 51m is modularity. In the device from Dell, you can change the video card and the processor in the same way as on the usual PC. The concept is not innovative — the idea of ​​replacing the main details of the laptop has already been implemented in devices from Clevo, but Dell has approached the question more seriously. Unfortunately, use in Alienware Area 51m any video card will not work — only the components from the NVIDIA RTX series are supported.

The car itself determines the dead zones, chooses the movement strip (if the markup is clear) and has the fourth level of autonomy. Daimler has invested almost $ 600 million in research to develop a truck and expects already in 2019 to begin full tests.

CES 2019 Review will not be complete without the most extreme exhibition device. Despite the fact that it is customary to say «Water Movements», Innespace Seabreacher is an exception. Engineers from the United States and New Zealand created a semi-duty submarine that floats in the style of Dolphin. Dolphin boat is sold for $ 80,000. To plunge into sea or oceanic waters at a speed of 40 km / h, two people can simultaneously. On the water, the car accelerates to 80 km / h.

What to do people with bad eyesight on the last row of a football stadium? The answer is obvious — take a binoculars with you. The problem is that to watch the entire match through the classic binoculars is difficult and very tiring. A possible solution to the problem can be Double Take, which has a 10-fold zoom and a 5-inch bright monitor, which does not load eyes so much. In addition to the function of the zoom from the device, you can conduct a straight broadcast even in rainy weather.

LG on CES 2019 pleased with the weighing of new products, one of which became the converted exoskeleton of Cloi Suitbot. The spine helper looks minimalist, closing the body from the waist to the knee level. When a person leans at 65 degrees, the device is activated and helps in the rise of heavy cargo. When the vertical position of the LG Cloi Suitbot is turned off. The battery maintains the operation of the device for 4 hours, and it is charged completely in an hour.

The ring, equipped with sensors, reads the movements of two fingers. If the ring is caught on the middle finger of the right hand, it replaces the PCM, and the index finger — the LKM. Double tapping means double click, scrolling is emulated by the movement of the fingers. The battery capacity in the ring is enough for the day of work, and you can charge it with a wireless method using a special substation. There is a replacer of a computer mouse of $ 200.

The most anticipated device from AMD on the CES 2019 has become a video card, the power of which is equivalent to the NVIDIA RTX 2080 calculation speed. The AMD Radeon VII features are presented in the image.

The test in games showed a 30% performance increase in comparison with Radeon RX VEGA 64, which immediately interested miners. It is expected that AMD Radeon VII in mining will show + 40% at the hash calculation rate. The first tests should appear in February.

At this, the interesting novelties of CES 2019 do not end. Also worth paying attention to