The largest misses in the forecasts cryptocurrency for 2018

Even the best analysts cryptocurrency make mistakes. This year, market movements were unexpected for most of them. Consider the most unsuccessful forecasts of the cryptocurrency of 2018 from recognized masters of analytics, trading and other well-known individuals industry. It should be noted that the rating of bad forecasts will not include a double outcome. For example, the statement of Philip Nana on achieving BTC $ 60000 or $ 6000.

The first in the ranking is Spencer Bogart — co-founder of the Venture Foundation Blockchain Capital. Spencer was included in the list of the best analysts cryptocurrency 2017 according to the CoinDesk portal. It seemed that the opinion of an experienced expert could not disperse with a reality more than $ 10,000, but Spencer was mistaken much stronger. At the beginning of last year, Bohrta gave his

The optimistic founder of one of the first Chinese cryptochembers gave its failed forecast cryptocurrency for the year.

In February, the head of the Asia-Pacific Gatecoin

The basic attention of the media gets bitcoin, so altcoins are often in the shade. In February, Bitcoin Cash showed a serious growth after the fall, which Ire’s advocated to give an already no longer for the prognosis of the BCH cryptocurrency. The investor considered that the market correction was completed and now Bitcoin-Fork will become a serious opponent in the fight for the first capitalization place. Kelvin was inspired by «improved Bitcoin» so much that it was waiting for his course $ 10,000 by the beginning of June. The forecast for BCH went to a real course for $ 9,000.

In July, the co-founder of Bitmex expressed

Large influence on ordinary home investors have large youtube channels. Especially listening to popular world channels about cryptocurrencies. One of them is the Datadash Observer, which has more than 300,000 subscribers. The owner of Datadash Nicolas Menten gave his positive

Deutsche Bank shares fell to a historic minimum, but bankrupt did not become bankrupt. ETF will not be approved before February 2019 and the forecast for Bitcoin from Merten is also close to Promachu.

Russian-speaking video blocks also actively shared thoughts about the future of the market. November ninth on the channel «Compass Investments. Eliseev Mikhail «was published a roller, who collected 25,000 views. Eloquent name «

This YouTube Channel specializes in trading and has 35 thousand subscribers. Accordingly, this is a good opportunity to consider an example of a trader’s mistake in Bitcoin’s forecast. author

This list of analysts and traders errors does not end. Exists

As time shows, even the most famous and reliable analysts are more often mistaken in cryptocurrency market forecasts,