The head of NASA spoke about the construction of an international base on the surface of the moon

The head of the NASA administration Jim Bridden stated that the agency plans to build a permanent base on the surface of the Moon and to open access to researchers from around the world.

During the event dedicated to the 50th anniversary of the APOLLON-8 Mission, the head of the space agency said they intend to not just leave the flag on the satellite, and create a full-fledged station associated with the Gateway orbital command module, which would be a starting platform for spacecraft. According to Jim Bridenstain, robots and researchers from around the world will be able to work in the complex.

The stationary base will reduce transportation costs due to repeated use of missiles, which will make flights more accessible. The station will lead online broadcast and anyone can follow its work on the website.

NASA plans to cooperate with international partners, individuals and commercial companies. The presence on the poles of the moon of billions of ice tons will become a source of water and oxygen to maintain the life support of the complex, and hydrogen will be used as fuel.

Jim Bridenstin also reported on the nearest plans to study the satellites of Jupiter and Saturn (Europe and Encelade), which are water worlds on which organic could potentially develop

Today, not only national, but also private companies are engaged in space developments and plan to create colonies outside the Earth. Recently, one of the Spacex engineers spoke about the details of the creation