The form of Chinese schoolchildren began to embed computer chips and GPS trackers

Eleven Schools in the Chinese Guizhou province introduced the form in which computer chips and a GPS tracker are built, allowing you to follow the visit, expenses and location of students.

Smart form developed the local company Guizhou Guanyu Technology. The system records the date and time of the student to school and writes a short video that parents can view in a special mobile application. To confirm that the form wears its true owner, automatic recognition of the person is completed.

About any passage immediately reports to parents and teachers, and when the student is released from school without permission, sound alarm is activated. In this case, the built-in GPS system allows you to track the movement of students even outside the territory of the educational institution. Smart form also signs that the student fell asleep in the class. With the help of the system, parents can track purchases made by a child at school and set spending limits using the same mobile application.

According to the developers, two chips embedded in the shouts are withstanding up to 500 washes and temperatures up to 150 ° C. The smart form is implemented as part of the national digitalization program for education and creating smart schools.

Some parents joined the innovation, considering such an observation of human rights violations and the privacy of children. However, representatives of schools and developers say that, despite the possibility, they do not monitor the movement of students in extracurricular time and use technology with caution, only in case of absenteeism or emergency situations.

The pace of digitalization and automation of Asian countries has been really affected lately. Recently, in Japan, a shop was opened in which