The crypton continues to climb, and Bitcoin rose above $ 3,800.

Over the past three days, the market is crypticing shows excellent growth dynamics with small gear. During this period, Bitcoin rose by 20% and reached a level of $ 3,800. However, experts say that such a tendency to last long and change the side movement in the price corridor of $ 3-5 thousand.

For three days, the capitalization of the cryprot increased by more than $ 20 billion, and many virtual currencies increased by 20-50%. Such dynamics resembles the period of last year’s rush. A few days after the establishment of an annual minimum, Bitcoin received a strong impulse, which in three days stimulated the growth of his course by more than $ 600. Only in the last 24 hours BTC added 9% and at the time of writing the material traded at $ 3830, which opens his way to the sturm of the level of $ 4000.

Other cryptocurrency also significantly improved their indicators. For 24 hours, the price of Ripl (XRP) rose 13.1% and is now $ 0.373. The increase in the asset additionally stimulates news about the accession to its network of new financial companies, one of which has recently become the Israeli company GMT. The course of Etheria (ETH) added 11.2% and rose to $ 104. Former Top-2 Project does not stop attempts to return the lost position and continuously improves its protocol, preparing for a major January update, and recently it has also been known that developers cooperate with the State Bank of Brazil, who at the beginning of 2019 plans to launch national stelkin on the Ethereum base.

The growth leader was the Bitcoin Cash (BCH), which per day jumped by 32.2% to $ 117. The EOS course increased by 11.8%, the coin is trading at a price of $ 2.73. Styllar (XLM) and Lightcoin (LTC) increased by 11.7% and 6.5%, respectively.

Despite the excellent dynamics, the experts doubt that the current ascending trend will last long enough. According to Mikhail Mashchenko, the analyst of the social network for Etoro investors in Russia and the CIS, the further stable growth and development of the market prevent the infrastructure of the crypto industry infrastructure and the applications themselves:

«The cryptocurrencies with us are already a dozen years, but everything that managed to achieve is to create a convenient functionality for speculation and attract the relevant public, while there is no real distribution of speech.»

It also critically refers to the launch of the giants of traditional markets of its own platforms to work with digital assets, believing that investors will scare regulatory risks and safety problems. Mikhail Mashchenko predicts that in the near future with the inaction of whales aimed at overclocking quotes, the Bitcoin rate is most likely to continue lateral movement in the range of $ 2750- $ 4750.

Olga Prokhorov, an expert of the International Financial Center maintains such a point of view. According to her, the fact itself appeared Bakkt completely does not mean automatic price increase cryptocurrency led by Bitcoin, because although the launch of the platform and makes it possible to work institutional, but does not guarantee their coming to the market. However, adds that «trigger», which will determine the further trend will be the SEC solution for ETF. Until that time, it predicts the movement of Bitcoin’s coupon in the range of $ 3-5 thousand.

Unlike many experts, who last year predicted the colossal increase in the price of Bitcoin, the partner of Blockchain Capital Spencer Bogart does not refuse his last year’s forecast and still believes that