The cryptomic continues the descent.

The cryptocurrency market gradually loses its progress achieved at the beginning of the week and the next decline was followed by a short Flat. Bitcoin’s price dropped to $ 3650.

Over the past day, the capitalization of the cryprotes decreased by $ 6 billion, and the total recession was 4.7%. The large sale of Bitcoin has stimulated such a movement, which occurred around 22:00 and led to a decrease in its course by 3.6%. In addition to the absolute reduction in value, the important level of support for $ 3,800 was lost, which bulls defended from December 25. At the time of writing material, price

Some analysts believe that the fall simulates the approaching completion of a large number of bitcoin-options on Deribit, the total cost is about $ 100 million (25.5 thousand BTC). Since it can potentially reduce future interest, traders consider it as a threat to the coming sales. Experts also say that the recent growth was unreasonable and the Bitcoin rate can quickly fall to the level of $ 3,000, where he will meet strong resistance.

Other cryptocurrency followed the leader and for 24 hours most of them lost 5-10% of their value. Ripl price (


Stimulating the growth of the crypton can not only the interest of institutional investors, but also recognition of virtual currencies with a legal means of payment. Recently it became known that the Government of India is discussed