The collapse of the crypton.

At about afternoon on November 14, a sharp decline began at the crypton, during which the majority of coins lost from 10 to 20% of their value, and the total market capitalization decreased by $ 40 billion, reaching an annual minimum of $ 180 billion. Bitcoin was also unable to resist the global sales and fell up to $ 5560, which is the lowest rate for more than 12 last months.

In addition to Bitcoin (

From Monday, an increase in volatility was observed, and for 7 days a total descending dynamics and the growth of speculation on the eve of Hardford Bitcoin Cash. Although experts predicted that the bear market will continue, but any specific reasons and

Many assumed that there were relatively low volatility with parallel involvement in cryptoinductvia institutional investors and launch expectations

Most experts revised their forecasts at the end of the year. In their opinion, the cryptoms will have to wait for the popularization of the technology of blockchain and the increase in interest from institutional investors.

Crypto Industry is experiencing not the best period, so the company is trying to survive, begin to direct their business in the classical direction. Exmo announced that he would soon become the first cryptocyr, which