The Bitcoin rate dropped to $ 3590.

Over the past day, the cryptocurrency market occurred in the cryptocurrency market, as a result of which its capitalization decreased by 3.8%, and the price of bitcoin decreased to $ 3590.

In the second half of Sunday, there was a sharp collapse of the cryprot, which reduced total capitalization from $ 124.2 to $ 119.5 billion, but it still almost $ 2 billion more than the last Monday figure. Over the past 24 hours, Bitcoin’s course (

Altcoins also showed a temperate decline. Most cryptocurrency lost 3-6% of their value. Per day Ripl (

At the end of the week, the situation in the virtual currency market slightly improved, although there is a common lateral movement and growth of volatility. Exante’s managing partner Alexei Kiriienko believes that in general, today’s marks are very attractive for entry, because the market has lost 90% of their capitalization. All this money is not going anywhere, most of them are waiting for a new entrance. By adding that 2019 will be held under the feeling of Halling approximation, starting with the summer, when an active discussion will contribute to the price increase.

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