Telegram, Filecoin and a dozen other major ICOs still not started tokens

According to the study of the cryptocurrency trading platform Bitmex, at least twelve startups, which attracted more than $ 50 million as a result of ICO, has not yet submitted their tokens to the market.

The CEO Arthur Hace pointed out that such well-known projects as Telegram, Filecoin and Tuto Overstock include a detected dozen. After adding that they even did not even specify the deadlines when the tokens are running.

The huge amounts of the attracted cryptocurrencies during the bearish 2018 significantly fell significantly in price (about 80%), so such a delay has negatively affected the financial position of the developers themselves. The uncertainty of launch time threatens the fact that the tokens may not get to the secondary market at all, and if they are listed, they will not be able to resist significant loss of value.

According to Arthur Hace, 2019 can be a year of paying for success. At the same time, the colossal volumes of the funds obtained also testify to the participation of large investors and funds that bought significant shareholders.

However, problems cannot be avoided and successful platforms. Recently, developers reported