Switzerland decided not to develop new laws for crypto industry, but to make changes to the existing

Minister of Finance of Switzerland Uli Maurer rejected the idea of developing new legislation to regulate crypto industry.

Instead of a separate legal framework, it is planned to make changes and additions to existing legislation, making it possible to apply it to new technologies and financial applications. The following year, the government’s government intends to submit new editions of six laws, including the Civil Code and Bankruptcy Law.

At the InfracHain Blockchain-conference in Bern Uli Maurer said that he perfectly understood about the rivalry between the countries in the field of Finteha. According to him, London has already advanced much further than Switzerland, Singapore and Shanghai in this direction.

However, countries such as Russia, the United States and Liechtenstein are currently holding another point of view. They amounted to special bills, for the regulation of crypto industry, which are now engaged in working groups and expert commissions.

Unlike most countries in the UAE, they are not so much worried about the support of new technologists. The country’s leadership decided