Started the sixth stream of program for training lawyers of the Digital Economics Blockchain Lawyers

On November 23, the State Duma began training the sixth flow of the program of additional education of blockchain-lawyers. Within the framework of the first lesson, the legislative regulation of the digital economy, the blockchain, AI, and the listeners were invited to take part in the joint development of legal norms for Big Data.

Program lectures will affect technical, legal and business aspects of blockchawing technology: cryptocurrency, ICO, STO, TGI, smart contracts, mining, and so on. Profile legislation will be considered, law enforcement practice in Russia and in other countries, as well as examples of using the blockchain in business and government agencies, issues of automation of lawyers and technologies that can replace lawyers in work.

Opening the program, a member of the expert council on digital economy and blockchain technology, Viktor Zubarev stressed the importance of preparing digital personnel for the Russian Federation as a whole. According to him, not only IT specialists are needed to integrate advanced technologies, but also lawyers who are currently forced to act on the principle of disposition.

State Duma deputy Mikhail Romanov spoke about the recent draft law on the regulation of large data. He believes that now this direction is not controlled, so citizens do not have the opportunity to protect their interests. The coast co-founder Alexander Zhuravlev added that in profile bills associated with the Central Committee, it is necessary to return the definitions of «cryptocurrencies» and «mining», since their absence will cause legal uncertainty, which may be abused by the investigative bodies.

At the moment, more than 350 lawyers have already passed the program of advanced training of Blockchain Lawyers. The organizers are constantly improving the course, especially with regard to work practices with legislative, regulatory documents, protection of interests and court cases.

Currently, the crypts are experiencing not the best times, but, according to T-shirt of Novogratz, in the first quarter of 2019