Soon clothes will begin to cover with thin solar panels

Researchers from the National Renewable Energy Laboratory in Golden were able to achieve a sufficiently high efficiency of flexible photocells from Perovskite, while making them stronger in parallel. In the future, they can be placed on any surface, even clothes.

Unlike classic silicon panels, Perovskite plates do not require high-precision processing and applied to the basis as typographical ink, which makes their production easier and cheap. Such photocells have a less rigid structure, so they can be made in the form of thin films that can cover the windows of office buildings, vehicles, electronics and clothing.

In less than 10 years of studying this type of material, researchers were able to achieve the same level of the effectiveness of light transformation into electricity, as in silicon elements (22.5%). However, the advantage of Perovskites is that they can be placed in several layers, each of which interacts with a certain color of the spectrum. Such a combination allows you to increase the efficiency of conversion to 40% or more.

By themselves, photo-elements from Perovskite are rapidly destroyed under the influence of oxygen and moisture, but today we have been developed for protection, which significantly increase the stability of the crystal structure. According to the researchers, the new type of photo galvanists in the near future will be able to radically change our energy system, especially in

Scientists also work on other sources of environmentally friendly energy, such as thermonuclear reactor. Recently on one of these experimental «