Skolkovo believes that cryptoinductures are needed distributed registries of different types

Analysts of the Skolkovo Business School noted the popularity of crypto industry and the growth of the blockchain role for the fundamental innovations of individual businesses and the economy as a whole. However, it is believed that the rapid development of technology requires the creation of distributed registries (RR) of different types, and market participants must form infrastructure on the basis of a conscious strategy.


Analysts indicate that the successful integration of crypto industry into digital economy is possible only when readiness, both technologies and ecosystem participants. Various combinations of these factors form the future of the industry. Among the main challenges on this path, regulation, management on PP, data confidentiality, security, scalability and speed of changes in public networks are allocated.

The document proposes a division of the infrastructure of the RR on 24 types, based on their technological and strategic classifiers. According to the authors, such a scheme will help potential participants to determine the most appropriate version of the distributed registry. Although in the same study it is said that the key value of private blocks is still not defined and often reduces to the possibility of creating nodes to view / audit transactions.

It is further noted that there are 21 unique (primary) distributed registry, 66.67% of which are public, uncontrollable, universal and subversive. Their infrastructure is called universal and most similar to the Internet, which has no shutdown buttons and can be adapted to almost any needs. The key characteristics of all types of PP are also given on 6 basic parameters that will help, in principle, determine whether it is advisable to switch to blockchain, or continue to use centralized solutions.

Additionally, the author’s variation of the definition of classical niche market strategies is proposed, in which the leader for some reason acts as a rabbit, and innovators and pursuers — wolves.

Researchers identify three groups of crypto industry development trends for 2019 and further. The first is called the blurring of the boundaries between the ICO and the proposal of shares, since more startups perceive the primary placement not as a tool for the placement of service tokens, but as a way of financing their own activities. By adding that the growth of fraudulent projects leads to the tightening of the reaction from the regulators.

The second refers to the transition of VC key funds from funding projects related to PP, to invest in tokens. According to analysts, this trend increases the amount of available funds in crypto industry, as well as confidence not institutional participants, which leads to an increase in activity.

The third trend is the activation of business, which, thanks to distributed registers, improves financial indicators, the volume of investments and partnerships. However, the authors questioned the readiness of the technology itself if the dominance of the first variants of systems (such as Ethereum) will continue.

In the conclusion of analysts Skolkovo indicate that the RR technology has every chance of becoming the basis for a fundamental jump in the development of a digital economy both in Russia and in the world, but for this it is necessary that both the technology and ecosystem participants are ready for her full use. Otherwise, there is a chance that most of the initiatives devoted to the use of the blockchain will be failed.

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