Siemens launched the world’s first wind generator with a capacity of 10 MW with a 193-meter screw

Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy (SGRE) has launched the world’s first 30 MW sea engineer in the world, which provides the maximum energy output at any wind speeds.

Such a huge capacity was achieved thanks to an increase in the rotor diameter of up to 193 meters. In this case, the length of each individual blade is 94 meters, which is comparable to a length of one ordinary football field. The working area of rotation of the screw is 29,300 m2. A system of 20 such wind-electrical installations will be able to cover the annual consumption of the city’s energy size with Ryazan or Tomsk.

The direct drive technology reduces the amount of nominal and susceptible components in marine turbines, which simplifies their maintenance. Efficiency increases through the use of a permanent magnet generator. The wind generator is equipped with a High Wind Ride Through Energy Stabilization System, which in conditions of strong wind (more than 25 m / s) does not turn off the device for self-defense, and gradually reduces the output power, providing a smooth decrease in performance, which increases the stability of work and reliability.

To increase the strength and protection against destruction, cast epoxy blades are reinforced with fiberglass. Special sensors that continuously transmit data to the control center are helping to identify abominations and prevent possible failures. Siemens Gamesa plans to begin commercial introduction of SG wind generators 10.0-193 DD in 2022.

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