Seven reasons to use cryptocurrency in 2019

Despite the increase in the number of payment services for Fiat, offering a variety of practical tools and payment methods, the addition of cryptocurrency calculations to them gives a lot of advantages to both buyers and sellers. In the article, we considered the causes of the use of cryptoplates in 2019, the situation and prospects of this market.

There are many universal virtual currencies that can be used as private alternatives of bank accounts and cards for almost any operations. With their help, you can quickly and easily make calculation, while maintaining confidentiality, as well as save on commissions.

Not so long ago reigned cash, and financial institutions created generous incentives for those who decided to put their own funds into institutional treasury. Today, when using bank accounts of all kinds, debit and credit cards, we face various commissions and other binding payments. In fact, this money is spent on the wind, without bringing us no benefit, not to mention the earnings of interest on deposits.

Banks are becoming increasingly inventive in this regard. There are commissions and fees for:

In most cases, the use of a cryptocurrency account as a digital wallet is absolutely free (except for the transaction fee), unless you want to purchase a hardware storage or a special card. Of course, there are some services that provide specialized storage services such as BitPay and Coinpayments, but they charge no more than 1% of the amount of payment.

Territorial boundaries do not matter when using cryptocurrency. They allow you to carry out instantaneous and cost-effective translations around the world without a long expectation, additional fees and any restrictions. All that is needed is a device with an internet connection, such as a mobile phone. Thus, even those who do not have access to the bank’s separation, receive an alternative solution with which you can send, receive, store funds, make purchases and conduct business.

During travel, the use of a virtual currency further enhances the level of safety and can serve as an emergency remote source of funds to which you can access without confirmation of the person, bank account, credit cards, and even a personal computer.

Banks, credit institutions, retail merchants, service providers receive and keep too many personal and financial information about their clients. Among them is the name, address, passport details, assets, investments, balances on accounts, credit rating, credit line, the history of operations, as well as everything that we do and buy, with whom we communicate when, where, and so on. With traditional financial institutions and fiatat, we can no longer maintain our confidentiality.

An alternative is cryptocurrency payments that limit the volume of transaction data with simple numbers, also known as the wallet addresses and identifiers confirming the translation. The operator processing payments in virtual currency speaking as a third party usually requires only a name, and in the case of the delivery of physical goods, the address also. However, the rest of the information will remain confidential. Although the methods of analysis are developed to monitor the movement of cryptocurrency transactions and determine the geographical location, and sometimes the identity of the payer, but it requires a lot of effort or disclosure of the user by the user.

Now to take cryptocurrency online has become just just. Some e-commerce website has already added such a payment method. Suppliers can use WordPress plugins for this purpose, such as MyCryptocheckout. Customize cryptoplates is very simple and quickly, and commissions for transactions are 60-70% lower, compared with translations in Fiat.

There are also services that allow customers to pay tens of cryptocurrency and freely convert them. For example, ShapeShift is integrated into several payment systems and various cryptococheries.

Due to the lack of legislative regulation, in Russia this method of calculations is not so common as abroad, but we already have enough products and services can be paid using virtual currency. We will return to this next.

When remote purchases, the virtual currency is more like cash, since after sending, the funds can be returned, just contacting directly with the seller. This significantly reduces the possibility of fraud when the buyer has already used the goods or even damaged it and requires a refund.

Mobile payments are becoming increasingly popular. Use your smartphone instead of a credit card very convenient. This is possible thanks to Android Pay and Samsung Pay applications, MasterCard PayPass and Visa Paywave payment systems with a wireless transmission technology of a small radius (NFC) and POS terminals.

However, they are characterized by the same problems with confidentiality and safety as when using traditional electronic transfers. Since all existing fate mobile payment systems today store credit card information, including financial and other owner data. In addition to the phone, this information also falls into the network each time.

Cryptocurrency is a safer electronic money option, and thanks to its virtual decentralized nature are ideal for mobile payments by default.

One of the most successful cryptocurrency payment gateways BitPay is processed monthly about 250 thousand transactions, and the annual operation of the operation reaches $ 1 billion. Coinpayments has already served millions of customers in 200 countries and recently began working with BitTorrent, providing 100 million users of the service. The opportunity to pay bitcoin and Altkamins. Coingate cooperates with 50 thousand traders and processed hundreds of thousands of cryptoplates, and Utrust has become a PAYREXX partner with its 10 thousand European vendors.

Integration and strengthening of links between cryptocurrency and fate payments continues. It is expected that in the next two years this market will grow by 50%.

According to the service, about 20 million people own cryptocurrency. Most people heard about Bitcoin, and many plan to add it to their portfolio. Last year’s study of the Cambridge Center for Alternative Finance has shown that 40% of consumers would like to be able to pay for purchases using BTC.

In countries with unstable fate currencies, such as Turkey, Venezuela, Brazil, Australia and South Africa, quite a large number of users cryptocurrencies. According to the September survey, HiveEx, 80% of Australians would like to use a virtual currency for daily purchases. Businessmen in Eastern Europe and small Western European cities are also more located for the addition of Bitcoine as a payment method.

Currently Cryptovaya You can buy almost everything: houses, apartments, boats, cars, clothing, electronics, health and pets, food, wine, accessories, plane tickets, vacation, tools, and various services.

Apart from the most obvious purchases, you can pay for the virtual currency:

On the first half of 2019

According to Viktor Argonova, Exante Expert, despite a serious fall in 2018, the coming year inspires optimism. He says that there are several versions of the recent collapse of the market. According to one of them, the fall of Bitcoin to $ 3500 is considered the result of manipulations from large players who want to be purchased as cheaply as possible. If the version is correct, then the collapse should follow, favorable manipulators.

But even if it is not so, for the first time since January 2015, the 14-week relative force index (RSI) was below 30. The very fact of oversold is not yet a point of reaching the bottom, but pays attention. Formally, the signal to buying in the market will be the return of the index to the region above 30. Following Bitcoin, all other coins will follow.

It is very likely that many investors are now waiting for a suitable moment to enter the market. And not only private, but also large institutional, specifically for which new reliable platforms are being developed.

Political factors also work more in favor of the crypton. If in the past years the clouds were condensed over him because of the actions of certain governments, now serious financial circles came to the market.

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