Sergey Scholas: «GShare will change to the best casual gaming industry»

The team of Sergei Sholka presented a new product: In early December, one of the services of the GShare ecosystem opened beta testing.

GSHARE is a new geminaga tool required for GShare Gold mining, an internal ecosystem currency. At the same time, it is possible to earn coins in parallel in the platform-based games. GSHARE GOLD — Gaming currency. So far, it is used only in the framework of the game ecosystem.

For earned «Gold», users will soon be able to acquire new games, in-game objects and opportunities inside XSOLLA — platform collaborating with the ecosystem. The use of its internal currency, which can be obtained in the ecosystem, is more convenient compared to any other payment methods. If even part of the game costs can be filled with earned coins, it completely changes to computer entertainment.

GSHARE GOLD also decides one of the main problems of casual games — the question of participation in competitions. GShare helps earn currency for the input ticket to the competitive platform. Now most game tournaments are closed events where only famous teams participate. People unknown in the community, access to competitions is closed. Skills are not taken into account here. In addition (and this is the most important thing), competitions are not conducted on casual games with low entry. All major gaming tournaments are held on games requiring the highest skills. Entrance fees are large enough here.

Tournaments at the competitive platform are publicly available. Entrance ticket to participate in the competition — GSHARE GOLD coins, which are also used to reward the winners of the tournaments. The skills are taken into account, and not past achievements. In other words, here for the first time in the history of large tournaments can be implemented truly honest and affordable competitions.

The competitive platform now also passes an open beta test. The creators of the ecosystem promise that tournaments will be held not only for professional gamers, but also for beginners. This will be an additional stimulus for development.

GSHARE GOLD is made by gamers and for gamers. According to Sergey Sholoma, in the future, the currency can go beyond the ecosystem and begin to be used for social activities. The widespread use of the internal currency is a completely new gaming experience, its high-quality rethinking. The game stops being only a game and becomes partly the earning tool. GSHARE GOLD perspectives are really «golden».

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