Scientists managed to melt gold at room temperature

The team of Swiss researchers from the University of Chalmers was stunned, accidentally learning that with the help of an electron microscope, the gold can be melted even at room temperature.

Scientifics of hundreds of years studied the properties of precious metal, and researcher Ludwig de Knup made a striking discovery completely by chance. It lay a piece of gold under an electron microscope, gradually increasing the power and electric field to the maximum to find out what happens to atoms. Looking at the metal, he noticed that the upper layers of gold were melted in room temperature.

Having studied this phenomenon, the team concluded that gold began to melt due to the extraordinary excitation of atoms. Under the influence of a strong electric field, almost all links between them were torn, which led to the destruction of an ordered metal structure.

With further study, scientists found that such a unique property of gold can be used for instant switching between liquid and solid state. This technology can be used in various types of sensors, transistors and contactless components.

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