Scientists have developed a universal express test for cancer

Researchers from the University of Queensland have developed a simple and inexpensive way to diagnose cancer, which takes less than 10 minutes, is universal and allows you to determine the presence of a disease with an accuracy of 90%.

Scientists managed to make a breakthrough due to the discovery that the DNA of healthy and cancer cells interacts in different ways with the surface of the metals and reacts to water. The essence of the new express test is that suspicious DNA is placed in water with gold nanoparticles and are watching the change.

After adding tiny particles of precious metal into the liquid, it is painted in pink color. The introduced DNA of mutated cells simply sticks to gold, so water remains pink, and a healthy genetic material reacts, due to which the solution becomes blue.

Scientists have experienced a new method for 200 cell samples with different types of oncological diseases, and in 90% of cases, the results obtained using a ten-minute test were correct. At the moment, the technology can only establish the presence of a disease, but does not give information about its type or location. Therefore, such an analysis can be used only as an initial tool if a doctor has suspicions, and in case of confirmation, further diagnosis will be required.

The scientists team says that the development of the test has not yet been completed, as further tests require to evaluate its complete clinical potential. Combined with other simple analyzes, it can become a powerful diagnostic tool. In the future, the new express test can be included in the overall blood test.

Soon invasive methods of analysis are drastically transformed. This will be facilitated by such inventions as