Samsung has developed a display that processes a three-dimensional hologram

According to the patent application of the South Korean giant Samsung, the company has invented a device that is projecting a high-quality three-dimensional image into the surrounding space, which can be seen from either side.

The document says that a completely new type of spatial light modulator is used in the display, which allows you to eliminate the limitations of the review angle and provides high permission of the hologram. According to

Most existing holograms require a certain viewing angle, such as fixed images on bank cards, and more advanced technologies that use laser projection are still very massive and cannot be placed in a portable device.

Samsung has previously reported on the management of the developments associated with 3D holograms, but did not specify the details. However, in spite of the data given in the description, some technical experts call the company’s statements by promises based only on laboratory tests.

Another technical giant Intel, recently announced the development