Russian engineers have developed drones in flight wireless charging technology

Engineers of the Russian branch of the Corporation Global Energy Transmission (GET) presented a wireless energy transmission system that can charge electric drones during flight.

The technology will potentially allow the UAV to be in the air almost infinitely. The existing prototype of the system is able to remotely transfer the charge to 12 kW at a distance of 8 meters. The work is used a three-phase energy source of 15 kW, so one cell can immediately charge three flying apparatus. However, the current efficiency is 80%, and at a distance above 8 meters sharply falls.

At the moment, engineers continue to improve technology, increase the efficiency and radius. In the future, developers want to embody the ideas of Nikola Tesla on the transfer of charge without significant losses. GET intends to create a worldwide wireless energy network to support commercial drones, robotics and industrial equipment. It is planned that in the future the system will provide fast charging due to the global network of powerful «access points».

Another perspective direction of energy is the development of solar technology. Researchers from Golden were able to achieve a sufficiently high efficiency of flexible