Russia will hold the first nomination in the field of digital law

Within the framework of the annual competition of practicing lawyers «Best on right» from Platforma, Blockchain Lawyers will hold the first nomination in Russia in Russia in the field of digital law. Participation will help lawyers to receive public recognition and attract new customers.

Managing partner of the legal company «Effective business resources» and co-founder of the program of additional education

The winner will receive a special prize from the community and will be determined by the results of the voting on the seit, as well as the choice of the Expert Council. The main selection criteria will be: the complexity of the case, its social importance and significance for the development of judicial practice.

Participation in the competition will allow lawyers and lawyers leading interesting affairs, receive public recognition and high assessment of experts, find new customers, and also to speak at the country’s main legal forum, to tell about themselves and attract attention to the resonance process.

Application acceptance is open until January 15, 2019, and the results of the voting of the Expert Council will be announced on the site Platforma February 10. To participate, it is necessary to familiarize yourself with its terms, fill out and publish your public profile in a single directory of lawyers, and then place information about your business in the «Success Stories» with the mark * Competition.

Russian lawyers are concerned about the current situation in the legal support of the digital economy, so we decided to create