Rolls-Royce electric power supply will fly at a speed of more than 480 km / h

The group of companies led by Rolls-Royce by 2020 plans to build the fastest for today completely electric propeller plane, which will be able to develop speed of more than 480 km / h.

The project also involves the manufacturer of electric motors and controllers YASA and the ELECTROFLHT Aviation Startup. The future prototype will be equipped with an energy-intensive battery consisting of 6 thousand elements, three electric motors with a capacity of 750 kW and an active cooling system. After the launch, the power plant will work at a voltage of 750 V, and the screw with three blades will be able to support 2400 rpm with an efficiency of 90%.

Charge is enough to fly from London to Paris without landing. According to representatives of the Rolls-Royce, the key element of the design will be the capacious and non-overheating battery, which will be sufficiently easy for an effective flight and can fit in a small case. The project is developed in the scope of the program «Progressive flight electrification» (ACCEL) partially funded by the British government.

The created single prototype should be the leader of the third wave of aviation and may even be able to beat the 1931 speed record of 552 km / h. Tests plan to spend in 2020 at the Gloucestershire airfield. With the help of sensors, engineers will be able to track 20 thousand points in the transmission, receiving all the necessary data on the performance of the device.

Another major world manufacturer of Hes Energy Systems has recently announced the development of its own version of the environmentally friendly flying apparatus. They will be passenger electric