Ripple payment network use more than 200 financial companies.

Ripple reported that 13 new financial institutions joined her corporate payment network, and the total number of participants exceeded 200.

The company’s blog also says that the geography of services provided is distributed to 40 countries. Recently joined JNFX, SENDFRIEND, TRANSPAYGO, FTCS and EURO Exim Bank will start using directly

According to the general director of Brad Garlinghaus, about 100 financial institutions joined the network, and weekly agreements were held with 2-3 new customers. During the same period, the number of active participants sending cryptocurrency payments increased by 350%. He also focused on the volatility of FIATA and the duration of transfers using SWIFT, pointing to high risks arising from the combination of these two factors.

SWIFT begins to realize that the technology of the blockchain is a real threat that are superior in technical and economic plans, and gradually take away the increasing market share. Regional offices begin to conclude contracts with Fintech companies to integrate DLT to network and products.

In Russia, participants of the Association of Corporate Treasureev also consider SWIFT as sufficient effective in the current realities, therefore, the tests of financial communications transmission systems began