Researchers have proven the possibility of global quantum communication

The work of global communication systems is based on the security of data transmission between satellites and ground stations, so the protection of these channels is crucial for both military and civil operations.

During the experiment, the team made the first exchange of several photons for the pulse between the two satellites of the GLONASS system and the Italian center of cosmic geodesy using passive reflectors. Evaluating the actual channel losses, scientists can set the characteristics of both the selected quantum payload, and the receiving ground station.

The results obtained confirm the possibility of full-fledged communication using GNSS from the point of view of the achievable signal / noise ratio and detection rate. The success of the experiment made it possible to expand the permissible limits of the exchange of single photons in free space over long distances.

Unlike low-bit, high-orbit satellites represent a serious technological problem due to losses in optical channels, but they allow you to maintain communication for a longer period of time. According to researchers, quantum communication can offer interesting solutions for satellite and interpersonal communication lines, which will provide new safer protocols for authentication, integrity and confidentiality of transmitted signals.

Earlier, we wrote that British scientists from the Imperial College of London and the company M Squared created the first