Research Messari has shown that the capitalization of XRP is overestimated by $ 6 billion

According to the research of the cryptoanalytic company, Messari, the market capitalization of XRP can be overvalued almost twice as well, since most of the coins issued in circulation are not involved.

On the eve of the annual Ripple report, analysts studied data from cryptoch and other information services to determine the true state of the project. As a result, they found out that the company’s working capital can be overvalued by 48%, and the real capitalization of cryptocurrencies is only $ 6.9 billion, and not a nominal $ 13 billion specified in open sources.


According to Messari, it is definitely impossible to determine the volume of assets derived from the turnover, so they led the averaged revaluation scope indicators. By adding that real numbers may be significantly larger, as many exchanges artificially overestimate trading volumes. However, analysts did not indicate the assessment methods and sources of information on which they relied.

Representatives of Ripple challenged the conclusions of Messari, stating inaccuracies in the assumptions and calculations of researchers. They insist that the capitalization of the XRP is actually even understated because it should be calculated according to the standard formula, based on the total number of assets and their course, and is now about $ 31.6 billion.

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