Rakib will help neutralize Ciberian

Rakib in partnership with the international company AIG will offer the market insurance products that will help minimize the influence of the basic risks inherent in blockchain projects.

Experts of the Association together with representatives of the insurance market and participating firms have already begun to work on the formation of specific decisions. The impetus for the opening of a new activity was the meeting of the chapter

In the process of discussing the peculiarities and prospects of the Russian Cyber Decquestment market, the representative of the AIG reported that the company is ready to offer participants in Crypto Industry Favorable insurance products. It is planned to develop both individual and corporate solutions.

The new division will be headed by the Vice-President of Rakib for the Development and Regulation of the Market of Valery Petrov. All interested parties are invited to cooperate.

While products are in development, crypto industry representatives resort to other ways to reduce risks. For example, cryptobirua