Rakib will begin to investigate cryptoprest

Rakib has created a service that, together with law enforcement agencies, will investigate crimes related to virtual currency, mining and crypto-industria as a whole, and will also help victims of the Skam and unscrupulous market participants, reports

«The first private investigation agency of crime crimes in the cryptocurrency industry» or FPCIA start to function from today. The new division will be headed by Denis Dydykhov and Alexander Brazhnikov. The service will provide various services: from the help of investors who have lost funds before evaluating the taste of a specific project team, finding involved in the presence and resolution of disputes.

In need of specialized assistance can contact representatives of the project through the site fpcia.com, by phone or email. Mail, but to effectively solve the problem recommended a personal meeting. Answers to all appeals will be provided within one day, and to speed up the processing of the request, users will be offered to fill out the questionnaire. After studying the information, a specific date will be appointed for full-time discussion of the plan for further actions and cooperation conditions.

Despite the lack of legislative regulation of crypto industry in Russia, if necessary, Rakib will involve the FSB, police, Interpol, and other departments. The service website will also place indications of responding to the most common types of fraud.

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