Rakib called Top 10 experts from Russian cryptoeconomics

Rakiba amounted to the top 10 experts that have the greatest impact on the formation of the legal status of cryptoeconomics in Russia in 2018. The list in alphabetical manner included persons who protruded the protagonists of the new digital economy, clearly separating it from the processes of digitalization of the analog economy.

Aksakov Anatoly

The main «engine» of the legislative process aimed at regulating the digital financial assets market. It proposes to actively use innovative digital elements in the traditional economy, in particular to attract foreign investment. One of the ideologues of the project «Crypto Crimea».

Gross Tatyana

Coordinates the activities of representatives of Crypto Industry of the Eurasian Economic Union countries. Located in a constant dialogue with businessmen, officials, developers and experts in search of the choice of an optimal model for integrating digital technologies in the scope of economic cooperation between the EAEU countries.

Sergey Glazyev

Regularly at the events of the highest level, it speaks of a digital revolution that happens now in the world, notes the need for a leading jerk for Russia, performs the idea of using a cryptubule for calculations within the country and to overcome the dollar dictatorship in international calculations.

Ivanov Alexander

He heads and promotes projects that despite the high market volatility, enjoy increased attention from large businesses and government agencies. The most successful practitioner to date, working for the benefit of Russian cryptoeconomics.

Kudrin Aleksey

Public support for the prospects for cryptocurrency, voiced by a generally accepted expert on macroeconomics, influenced the perception of this topic both in the expert environment and among the wide segments of the population.

Kucherov Ilya

Due to the highest level of competencies, experience and willingness to understand the nuances of the functioning of the new economy is an expert, as accurately understanding its essence and uses this understanding during the development of comments and amendments to bills.

Moiseev Aleksey

Included in the current legislative process almost from the very beginning of the discussion on the regulatory framework. Despite the stiffness of the position on a variety of fundamental issues of the industry, always shows readiness for dialogue and demonstrates a high level of understanding of digital problems.

Sazonov Dmitry.

Actively joined the legislative process, attracting representatives of the business community to discuss. Consistently conducts soap about the need to use the capacity of Russian crypto industry for the benefit of the economy of the Russian Federation.

Sidorenko Elina

The main «evangelist» of the Russian cryptoso community. He acts as an expert on the absolute majority of issues related to blockchain technology and products based on it. Included in the process of developing a regulatory framework, amendments and comments aimed at improving the effectiveness of the laws under consideration.

Shuvalov Igor

In the status of the First Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov spoke with a software speech in March 2018 on parliamentary hearings on the regulation of the cryptocurrency market. Publicly supported the position of the industry. Continue to defend his opinion and takes specific management steps favorable for cryptoinductrine, taking the position of Chairman of VEB.

Among the recent initiatives of the Association itself, you can allocate the creation