Presented VR mask transmitting 255 odors, and wind sensations, fog, rain

Feelreal has developed a multisensory VR mask with which the user can feel 255 different flavors, as well as tactile sensations, such as warm or cold wind, fog, rain on their face.

The device is fastened with magnets to the bottom of the VR-helmet, compatible with most existing headsets and connects via Bluetooth. In a mask, you can put up to nine aromatic capsules, the contents of which will be sprayed during video viewing or playing. The developers say that the full directory consists of 255 odors. In addition to standard aromas of coffee and lavender, you can feel the smell of powder or burning rubber.

However, Feelreal’s capabilities are not limited to influence on the smell. Tiny heaters and coolers are built into the device, which, if necessary, guide warm or cold air to the face. They can create the illusion that the user is in the desert or on top of the mountain. With the help of an ultrasonic ionizing system, fog sensations are recreated, and tactile engines provide additional vibration.

According to inventors, most virtual games can be modified to work with a multisensor mask. With the help of a special plugin of the company, the developers indicate the system when and which aromas or other sensations should be activated. The mask is suitable for 360-degree videos, and also has relaxing modes for meditation and aromatherapy.

Despite the surprising description of the device, the company has not yet managed to attract funding to launch serial production. It is also known whether software developers will want to introduce new technology to their products, and users feel some specific smells that will be present in games. Although additional opportunities can be useful when

Transfer of odors with the help of flavors significantly limits the exchange potential, so the team of Malaysian scientists wants to move odors via the Internet without using any concentrates. They work on technology