Presented fully 3D printing Motorcycle NERA

Bigrep introduced the first electronic NERA motorcycle, the main structural elements, which were created using three-dimensional printing.

The design of the prototype was made by the consulting agency NOWLAB. Tires, frame, forks, seat rims and other basic elements (with the exception of electronics) NERA were printed on a 3D printer. The model includes a slice of several innovative solutions of the company. The developers created airless tires, a solid design with built-in sensors, a diamond rim and a flexible bumper, replacing the familiar suspension.

In the design process, engineers revised the classic structure of the motorcycle to adapt it to three-dimensional printing and take advantage of the new production technology. NERA is equipped with an electric motor that is located inside the housing.

According to the leadership Bigrep, similar innovative prototypes demonstrate the huge potential of widescreen 3D printing in mechanical engineering. They contribute to the development of engineering creativity and transform production processes.

Harley-Davidson also does not lag behind modern trends and presented his