Physicists have developed a system that uses a laser to transmit sound right in the ear

Scientists have submitted a sound transmission technology with a laser directly into a human ear that does not require any devices for receiving the signal, which opens up new perspectives for audio systems and communication.

Researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology developed two different ways to transfer music and recorded speech using the photoacetic effect. Its essence lies in the formation of sound waves as a result of the absorption of light by material. In the case of Mit, it is water vapor and air.

One of the proposed methods involves the «adjustment» of the laser beam under the speed of the sound, by changing the length of its waves to adjust the height of the perceived signal. During the test, this option

For another method of physics coded a sound message, adjusting the power of the laser beam. According to them, this option was a bit quieter, but gave a clearer result. At the moment, they work on an increase in the range and the commercialization of the optoacoustic system.

Despite the broad prospects for the application of technology in ordinary acoustic and communication devices, the developers plan to use it for more important purposes. For example, transfer of emergency messages or alerts for emergency situations.

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