NASA Start the development of a new generation supersonic aircraft

NASA has officially committed itself to build and conduct tests of a quiet supersonic X-59 aircraft over the next three years.

After confirming the interest in the submitted draft of the Space Agency, it was provided with funding to create a full-scale model of the piloted aircraft of the new generation. The first test flight is scheduled for the summer of 2021. Over the past thirty years, this is the first approved NASA project with potential technical risks and an uncertain final budget.

The X-59 form will reduce the volume of the shock wave at the time of exceeding the speed of the sound to the minimum level. Tests will hold over the residential areas of the United States to learn the response of citizens to noise from the aircraft. The data obtained will help develop new rules for commercial supersonic commercial transport.

At the moment, designers constitute detailed construction and financing schedules. According to developers, the future project will have a great influence on aviation and will allow everyone to travel faster sound.

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