MobileGo analysis.

In the conditions of an unstable market to find a profitable asset hard. This is relevant for the stock market, for cryptocurrency, is relevant doubly. Everyone got used to volatility. But here is a drop or flat. MGO is completely different.

MobileGo’s idea belongs to the developers team, which in 2014 created their first Game cryptocurrency intended for use in the computer games industry. MGO is also used in Game Dev, continuing and enlarging the ideas of previous developers.

Tocken MobileGo is built on the Etheric Blockchar, using the WAVES functions at the same time. With it, players can get rid of participation in the organization of third-party tournaments. This is a big problem for gamers — the organizers often take themselves most of the budget of the event. MGO tournaments will be decentralized and peer. This means that the devices combined into one network will be equal. In fact, the entire process will be managed by a smart contract.

MobileGo tokens will become a universal payment facility for tournaments and will be used as an entrance fee and prize fund. In addition, the token can pay when buying game applications and in-game items on the XSOLLA website — in a short time they will connect this opportunity.

In 2017, the project developers held CROWDSALE, where they collected $ 53,000,000 to their token. Mgo from the summer of the same year is placed on cryptocurrency exchanges. Now MobileGo can be bought on 13 sites. The user is presented a wide selection of shopping pairs: Bitcoin, Etherium, Lightcoin, dollar, euros. For some time, Token was traded for Waves.

After analyzing the MGO, it can be concluded that the last few days it shows a downward trend. Tocken is not recommended for short-term investments — losses per day can be up to 10%. The same applies to medium-term investments. And on the contrary, MobileGo is best manifest in the long run.

Over the past 60 days, the token price has rushed by 500%. This made it possible to become MGO one of the best financial instruments of autumn. The reason for this is an excellent product, the product necessary for society. Very soon, each user will be able to take part in Eirrope from MGO developers and earn some tokens. All information about the distribution is on the project site.

The general analysis of MGO suggests that in the near future the token is best to hod thump. It is very likely that MGO will make a few «ICES» — the creators announced that the tokens will be integrated into their new global project, GOGATION gaming ecosystem. Judging by the conclusions of the developers, it will be the service of the highest level. MobileGo’s potential is really awesome.