Mexican pharmacists created biodegradable medical lenses

Researchers from the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) have developed new biodegradable contact lenses for the treatment of inflammatory eye diseases.

They are more effective than drops, since under the action of tears and temperatures gradually dissolve, release drugs to combat diseases that can cause blindness if they are not treated properly. The invention of the pharmaceutical teams from the Faculty of Higher Studies UNAM is actually eye drops enclosed in a solid form of contact lenses.

The main disease with which the biodegradable product is struggling is intensis — inflammation of the vascular shell. It becomes the cause of impaired view and blindness in about 25% of cases. The causes of uveit occurrence can be various infections, foreign bodies, environmental conditions and excessive use of electronic devices.

In addition to new forms of treatments, scientists are developing new ways to identify them. IBM inventors recently presented the prototype of the first